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Mattress needles

Available in 16" and 12"

Wood glue

Wood glue 

5 LTRS / 1 LTR

Button press

Pneumatic button press including fabric cutter as well as 28 & 32 dyes

Spray glue

Spray glue - 500mm

Contact glue

1LTR / 5 LTR / 25LTR

Upholstery staples

7 and 8 series staples

Frame staples

32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50mm availabe

Z springs

Available in various wire diametres: 8.5 guage - 12 Guage

Cut length springs

Dye cut - various wire guages and lengths

curved or straight

90 degree / double 90 degree bends

Spring clips

"E" Clips

Curve grip

Available in tin or steel

Strip studs

Sizes: 9mm / 16mm

Finish: Brass / Nickle


Sizes: 9mm / 16mm

Finish: Brass / Nickle

Upholstery Scissors

10 inch / 12 inch available

Staple guns

Upholstery staple guns

Frame staple guns

Matress staple guns

Cardboard strips
Patterning cardboard

770mm x 1020mm


Tailors chalk

white / colours

Leather markers
Plastic bed legs

Heights: 60mm / 80mm

Plastic glides

Height: 30mm